Thursday, January 27, 2011

Most romantic cocktails?

When it comes to exuding a romantic vibe, all alcoholic beverages are not created equal.

Sipping cans of PBR together isn't exactly the same as indulging in two glasses of expensive wine.

Assuming such a thing exists, what's the most romantic cocktail?

The question crossed my mind after reading this collection of romantic beverages for Valentine's Day. Among the highlights: a concoction called Russian Aphrodite.

In discussing romantic cocktails, it's important to remember that a new name can turn an otherwise drab beverage into the nectar of love. The aforementioned list includes a Sexy Mary, a Valentine's Day version of the standard Bloody Mary.

So I guess it's possible to serve a can of PBR on Valentine's Day after all.

Just say it stands for Pretty Beautiful Romance.

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