Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Notebook causes breakups?

Chances are, you have a relationship story involving "The Notebook." Even if you're a dude.

The drama/romance has a way of weaseling itself into relationships. The end result usually boils down to either extreme affection or "why can't we be like that?"

"Notebook" star Ryan Gosling recently suggested the film causes breakups. His reasoning: Women watch "The Notebook," see the grand romantic gestures and ditch their relationship because it's not at that level.

Sound silly? Sure. We're not supposed to base our real-life expectations on fiction.

But that doesn't prevent us from doing so. Even if we don't model a movie's exact sequence of events, works of fiction often encourage us to want more and expect more out of life. That's not always a bad thing, assuming you keep your expectations in check.

Share your "Notebook" stories in the comments section. I've supplied a barf bucket for all you "Notebook" haters.