Thursday, January 13, 2011

Childless by choice

Does a man who chooses not to have children face the same stigma as a woman who makes the same decision?

I asked that question after reading one man's account of his decision to have a vasectomy at 28. An excerpt:

I had a vasectomy at 28, and since then I’ve been called selfish and immature for permanently saving myself from midnight bottle feedings. (OK, maybe I am a little selfish and immature.) Mom cried when she found out. Some women refused to go on dates.

The piece contains some interesting research, and Double X accurately notes "there's a rich arena of gender analysis that (the writer) basically skips over."

I think it's difficult to view deliberately childless men and women on the same level.

Women grow to accept a notion of their ticking biological clocks, while discussions of a male biological clock are much murkier.

Am I right? Weigh in.