Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exercise and dating

Sorry for Tuesday's lack of posts. I was manning the Ledger's online chat during the manhunt. Catch up on the situation here.

So far it seems like today isn't as chaotic in the newsroom. Famous last words, right?

Anyway, in an attempt to start yet another "normal" day, I'll refer you to a Wall Street Journal article with this creative headline: "A workout ate my marriage."

It suggests an intense exercise regimen can sometimes jeopardize a romantic relationship for two main reasons.

First, intense exercise is, well, intense. It often requires 5 a.m. wakeup calls and early bedtimes. Date someone who loves working out and he/she will often prefer treadmill time over happy hour.

Then, there's another concern. The WSJ notes:

If one partner gets a new, buff appearance and a new circle of buff acquaintances, romantic possibilities can open up—and give the other spouse good reason to feel insecure about his or her own physique.

Obviously, the ideal setup is to find a partner who shares your passion for exercise. But that's easier said than done.

I absolutely love exercising. If there was a job that consisted of being on a treadmill all day, I'd do it. I'm especially proud of my ability to get my boyfriend to run a half-marathon.

Never underestimate the power of bribery.

(Note: There's a pretty cool 5K and 10K on Saturday in downtown Columbus. Click here for details.)