Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why you're single

The Village Voice directs an interesting essay to New York's single women. The headline includes this conclusion: "It's not them. It's you."

Though a Double X writer has concerns about the piece, I think it addresses some valid points.

Consider this excerpt about how an abundance of options has to some extent paralyzed us:

Options: Those are exciting. So we want all the options, bigger and better and faster and shinier, or taller or sexier or stronger or smarter, and yet somehow also different and completely our own. We want the tippy-top of what we can get—why shouldn't we? And we want to push those boundaries.

Later in the essay, the writer continues:

But I'd argue that it's not about being picky. It's about having all of these options, and not knowing how to choose from among them, or whether we even want to. It's about the years of being told we can have it all, and suddenly being deeply afraid to admit that that house of cards has been a sham all along because no one really gets to have it all.