Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Singles Awareness Day

Chances are, you've heard discussions of a Singles Awareness Day party scheduled within the next few days.

In the last few years, the holiday has gained prominence as the antithesis to Valentine's Day. Singles Awareness Day is often celebrated on Feb. 14, but can also be celebrated on Feb. 13 or 15, according to Wikipedia.

I've spent more Valentine's Days single than coupled, but I've never been a fan of anti-Valentine's parties.

Here's my beef: People call Valentine's Day a Hallmark holiday, some arbitrary calendar date that doesn't warrant celebration.

But then, by hosting anti-love parties on or around Feb. 14, the same people imply that the date warrants some kind of recognition.

Does that make sense?

If you're single on Valentine's Day, do you host an anti-Valentine's Day party or just wait for the holiday to be over?

(If you're single, check out Psychology Today's awesome Living Single blog. Also, read my colleague Sara Pauff's blog post about movies for single people to watch on Valentine's Day.)