Thursday, February 10, 2011

Barbie and Ken back together?

Confession: I'm obsessed with rumors that Barbie and Ken might get back together for Valentine's Day.

The pair broke up in 2004. Now, they've hinted at a potential reconciliation. Fans can even vote on the couple's future. (Right now, the barometer is dangerously close to "give him a chance!")

In today's column, I discuss why I oppose the rekindled romance. I'll avoid speculation about a Ken & Ben romance.

My issue isn’t so much the potential Barbie/Ken reconciliation itself, but rather its timing. I’m worried Barbie's romantic opinion has changed mainly because she wants a Valentine.

As the holiday approaches, many daters embrace an urge to idealize past relationships.

We forget about the fights and red flags just long enough to believe one night of roses and chocolate can resuscitate a dead relationship.

This Valentine’s Day, resist the tendency to find a date solely for the sake of having a date.

Because the quality of your dream house or dream vacation won’t matter if you’re not satisfied with the quality of your partner.

Are you listening, Barbie?