Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two beds, one relationship?

Today's nightlife column is about how incompatible sleep habits can ruin on a relationship. I'm largely writing from personal experience.

When changes to my boyfriend’s work schedule recently made him change his daily wake-up time to 6 a.m., I never imagined it would wreck havoc on our relationship.

That is, until his new early bedtime left me -- a natural night owl -- watching infomercials alone during the late-night hours we’d usually spend together.

Of course, when matters of attraction are involved, you rarely view sleep solely as a health necessity.

If your partner won’t stay awake for another movie, it’s certainly a reflection of your desirability, right?

To make matters worse, sleep isn’t conducive to compromise.

Need proof? Nearly 1 in 4 American couples report sleeping in separate beds, according to National Sleep Foundation research cited in the Chicago Tribune.

Share your tips for surviving conflicting sleep habits in a relationship.