Monday, February 14, 2011

How to survive Valentine's Day

So...the big day has arrived!

Right now you're either elated, depressed or too hyped up on conversation hearts to feel any real emotions. Mmm.

The key to surviving Valentine's Day lies in remembering that the holiday is just one day. Temporary relationship bliss hardly guarantees a successful romantic future. Likewise, it's possible to "fail" Valentine's Day and still be a good couple.

That said...let's stop the anti-Valentine's Day rants, OK?

Not everyone has to bask in shades of pink and red today. But I'm sick of all the Facebook status updates directing so much anger to the holiday. Tone it down, please.

I'm hardly a hopeless romantic. Still, there's something nice about taking one day to appreciate your most important relationships.

Especially since tomorrow might be a different story.