Monday, February 28, 2011

The things we do for love

The question isn't whether I've done stupid things in the name of love.

A more appropriate inquiry: What's the STUPIDEST thing I've done in the name of love?

Ah, yes...we certainly have options, most of which involve me traveling miles out of my way to buy gifts that were either ignored or entirely unappreciated. (Current boyfriend excluded, of course.)

This CNN article emphasizes how love can make us stupid. An excerpt:

The fact of the matter is, you can't make yourself stop wanting to do stupid things when you are caught in the grip of new love or old love for that matter, any more than you can make yourself stop wanting cheesecake, or a cigarette, or a martini, or anything else that tempts you.

But you can stop doing the things that make you look and feel like an idiot, with a little help.

You can stop the compulsive voicemail and e-mail-checking, the constant texting, and the Facebook stalking. You can stop yourself from Googling his name (again). You can shut out all those premature thoughts of what your wedding will be like, and what you'll name your children. And when you're wondering on your second date if she has fallen in love with you yet, you can stop yourself from asking her.

I agree: Many of the crazy things we do at a relationship's onset are unnecessary.

Yet at the same time, a certain level of craziness -- provided it doesn't involve stalking or bridal magazines -- also lays the foundation for the memories you'll fondly recall as your relationship progresses.

After my boyfriend and I went on our first major vacation together, I remember arriving home and channeling my inner crazy during a phone call with my mom. I told her about my awkward moments during the trip and held back tears while saying, "I don't know if he even likes me!"

Nearly four years have passed since that moment. Last weekend we performed our usual Saturday night routine: grilled steak and some quality TV time. It wasn't anything monumental, but one thing seemed clear.

"Yes, he likes me."

Or he's just a really good liar. Haha.