Friday, February 11, 2011

When will you celebrate Valentine's Day?

I started this year's Valentine's festivities Friday afternoon. Alan and I had a special lunch at one of my favorite local restaurants, the Rivermill Cafe. The meal also included my favorite dessert, deep-fried strawberries (pictured above).

For clarity's sake, I'll note the meal was not my boyfriend's attempt to sweep me off my feet.

No, it was me saying, "We're celebrating Valentine's Day this year. I'll pay for a nice lunch Friday and you can buy a special dinner Monday. Also, I'm getting you a gift and I'd really like you to get something for me, too."

It doesn't fit traditional romantic ideals. But I've learned that in relationships, having a successful Valentine's Day often begins with realizing your partner isn't a mind-reader.

If you're in a relationship, will you have Valentine's Day dinner this weekend or Monday night?

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