Monday, September 20, 2010

Girly drinks: Cool or not?

I'll have a triple berry cosmotini with extra grenadine and cherry garnishes.

Sound appealing?

The Atlantic has an interesting piece about alcohol and gender-specific marketing.

The bottom line: There's an assumption among alcohol marketers that female drinkers are either obsessed with sugary greatness, or are trying to lose weight.

In many instances, this is true.

But somewhere between college graduation and your first wine tasting, you often hit a point where the smell of a sugary cosmo berrylicious flirtini makes you want to barf.

Been there, done that.

After resisting a neon pink daiquiri or a pineapple martini garnished with cotton candy, you're left wondering if a growing preference for red wine means you've betrayed your gender.

Tell me, readers: Where do you stand on the intoxicating Candyland of girly drinks?

(via Jezebel)