Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thanks, Mom and Dad

Jezebel links to an interesting essay by a guy who's afraid to marry.

Has he witnessed too many examples of love gone wrong? Not exactly.

His ambivalence toward marriage is driven by the reverse scenario: a portrait of love that's so blissful, it's intimidating. That portrait of love comes courtesy of his parents.

He's afraid he can't live up to his parents' happy marriage.

Naturally, the idea seems a little flawed. As children -- even as adult children -- we never have a truly accurate perception of the inner workings of our parents' union.

We often blind ourselves to flaws just because, well, it's mom and dad.

That said, amid the many people who say their parents destroyed their lives forever, it's nice to hear from someone whose chief complaint is simply too much love.

Weigh in: Are you ever intimidated by your parents' marriage?