Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

I skipped my 10-year high school reunion last weekend, and I'm embarrassed to say I regret it.

In my defense, a cross-country plane ride to hang out with people who have visual evidence of your awkward phase is a tough sell.

My geographical limitations gave me a real excuse, as opposed to less tangible explanations like fear and bitterness.

Plus, I expected I wouldn't have too large of a fan club lining up to buy me drinks at the bar. I stayed under the radar during most of high school, opting for a small circle of friends with whom I associated very cautiously.

Arguments against the necessity of high school reunions are growing.

There's the daunting prospect of associating with people who are either trying too hard to impress or not trying hard enough. Check out this photo gallery for examples.

What's more, the rise of social media sites like Facebook means we must longer brave an overpriced catered meal to see if life's former prom queens got as ugly as we hoped they would.

So why do I regret skipping my reunion?

I've never been one to retain a big group of friends from "back in the day." The thought of spending four years with people and now only interacting through impersonal Facebook greetings is a little frightening.

And now, as I peruse the post-reunion photos on Facebook, it seems like maybe I would've found a classmate or two to chat with at the bar.

But just like Facebook's portrayal of our former prom queens, I'll never know how much those candid reunion shots reflected life's realities.

Because I wasn't there.