Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Magic number is 12

I couldn't resist clicking on YourTango's list of seven scientifically proven relationship truths.

The "truth" that stuck with me most? Have 12 romances before settling down.

Yes, apparently 12 is the magic number. Here's how the article explains it:

Settle down with your first or second sweetheart, and the fact that you have so few points of comparison means the odds are high that you may be selling yourself short.

Mow through thirty potential soul mates, though, and you likely have passed over someone who could actually make you happy were you to drop your pickiness.

The right balance, it seems, is to carry on a romance with twelve people, then settle down with the very next person who floats your boat.

Is it just me, or does 12 seem a little high?

Then again, I guess everybody's definition of "romance" is a little different, especially if you count those ambiguous junior high relationships.

Tell me what you think.