Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wife stuff

Turns out a pretty face only gets you so far.

Jezebel details some research suggesting guys "will only study a woman's face if they are looking for a wife, rather than a short-term partner."

Go ahead, grab the Kleenex and cue up that Alanis CD.

But I agree with the writer's biggest takeaway from the research. She explains:

Far more upsetting than any face/body dichotomy is the implication that men categorize women into wives or hookups within seconds of meeting them.

The idea surfaced during a recent episode of "Jersey Shore," she notes.

I think it's interesting, since I've never had the experience of immediately dubbing a guy "husband material" and thus approaching our relationship differently.

Weigh in, male readers: How long does it take you to imagine a woman as your potential wife?