Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marathon crashers

Hey, guys: Want to meet fit, single females? Crash a women's marathon.

The Wall Street Journal discusses the trend in this piece, which has been picked up by a variety of women's websites.

The article notes that usually, women's races aren't entirely closed to men -- you know, to avoid legal issues.

But organizers of women's races try to build a single-sex atmosphere to promote races that "are kinder, cleaner, gentler and sweeter."

To that end, they sometimes offer "girly" goody bags to deter male interest. One race had bare-chested male firefighters award the medals.

Still, men occasionally crash the races -- sometimes to meet physically fit women.

Yes, I'm still training for a half marathon. I don't think my excitement level would be any different if I was running a single-sex race.

Although I certainly wouldn't turn down a pink goody bag.