Friday, April 29, 2011

Fat guy in a little coat

"It's different for guys."

I often utter the line when my boyfriend expresses guilt upon eating fast food. He says he'll get fat. I don't disagree, but I note his stomach bulge will attract less social judgment than mine.

The thought crossed my mind when I read this Salon essay: "Why the fat guy should lose his privilege." An excerpt:

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, almost 70 percent of men are overweight, compared with 52 percent of women. Yet, somehow, 90 percent of the commercial weight-loss industry's clients are female, and somehow, this industry hasn't seen males as a viable business. How can that be?

It's not exactly a shocking revelation. Still, it raises some valid questions.

When it comes to dating, do you think overweight men have it easier than overweight women?