Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Women and competition

No matter how much research you distribute, I refuse to believe women are less competitive than men.

Blame my stance largely on the time I've spent in all-female environments. I watched young women aggressively compete at the all-girls high school I attended.

Upon joining a college sorority, I witnessed a similar sense of competition that encompassed everything from physical appearance to career paths.

Double X addresses a female sense of competition -- or lack thereof -- in a recent blog post. The post refers to a study widely reported to suggest women were more likely to pass on a job "once they found out part of their pay would be based on their performance versus a co-worker."

While discussing the study's potential implications, Time magazine notes:

If women don't like to compete, they are less likely to put themselves in these types of situation. That can allow less capable male workers to end up with the better job titles and bigger pay checks.

Weigh in: Are women less competitive than men? And if your answer is yes, is that necessarily a deterrent in the workplace?