Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blackout Wednesday

You sever ties awkwardly, leaving his house with a bitter tirade about how you never really loved him OR his stupid flea-ridden dog.

"On the plus side, I'll never see him again," you tell yourself on the ride home.

That is, until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Today is known as Blackout Wednesday, one of the biggest party nights of the year.

Craving some detox from family time, everybody heads to the bars. Fortunately, you can expect lots of cool entertainment and drink specials. Unfortunately, you can also probably expect to run into your high school prom date.

Check out Lemondrop's handy list of the 11 people you'll meet on Blackout Wednesday.

Former loves rarely stay buried in the past. That's most apparent during winter, when hometown visits combine with seasonal sentimentality to lead to a whole slew of conversations dominated by "what if?"

Here, a CNN columnist writes what happens when dates from the past pop out of the woodwork.

Thanks to a combination of social networking and the natural cycle of events, it's now hard to end a relationship and assume your former love will never resurface.

To some, that's the beauty of relationships -- constant hope a chance encounter will resuscitate dormant feelings.

To others, those same chance encounters are nothing but a roadblock to romantic progression.

Where do you stand?