Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Healthy fighting

No good will come out of a relationship conversation that starts, "I appreciate everything you do for me, but..."

An occasional blowout fight can be good for a couple -- assuming you don't resort to emotionally abusive character assaults.

Here, Double X details the importance of using analytical words -- terms like "think," "understand," "because" or "reason" -- during a heated argument. Those words can help keep stress-related chemicals in check, some research contends.

When I feel like I'm due for a fight, I often mentally map out my anger monologue in advance.

It's partially an attempt to lessen the fight's severity...and partially an attempt to ensure scenes in my life mirror "The Hills."

Bottom line: Fighting is always uncomfortable. But you can make things a little more civil by thinking before you speak.

What's your advice for navigating relationship fights?