Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Get married, get fat

Another advantage to living alone? A smaller waistline.

This Houston Chronicle article cites a study that concluded "couples are more likely to become obese within the first two years of marriage than those who are dating."

To make matters worse, "women are also more likely to gain weight when they are living with a romantic partner."

I've written about the "boyfriend bulge" before, and it's an understandable consequence of all the wining and dining that comes at a relationship's early stages.

Also, it's incredibly easy to pick up your significant other's bad eating habits.

One day you're requesting nothing but pesto pizza with extra veggies, and the next day -- thanks to your boyfriend's influence -- you're discussing the culinary value of three dangerous words:

Hot and Ready.

What's the worst eating habit you've picked up from a relationship?