Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Couple friends

The essential accessory to any healthy relationship?

A couple who reminds you of your romantic shortcomings.

Their public displays of affection annoy you, and you still can't stop rolling your eyes when they insist on ordering identical entrees.

Your double dates aren't perfect, but you tolerate them. Because good couple friends -- even good couple frenemies -- are hard to find.

Here, Wall Street Journal describes the complicated universe of couples dating. An excerpt:

Actually, the date itself is just the beginning of the stress. Wait until the next day, which can be just as excruciating as the day after a singles date. If you didn't like the other couple, you'll need to plot ways to avoid them. If you did like them, you'll need to deal with your anxiety.

Because what if they don't call? Should you contact them? And if you do, and you still don't hear back, what does that say about your relationship with your partner? Are you irritating? Insufferable? Uninteresting as a team?

This is exactly why I've never been a fan of double dates. They only make for awkwardness.

Well, that's not entirely true.

You do come away from the experience with one valuable gem:

The freedom to smugly say, "See honey, things aren't that bad. We could be like them."