Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey party people! Before you bond with some pumpkin pie, I'd like to thank you again for your readership, support and constructive criticism.

While growing up, my Thanksgivings were pretty low-key. The holiday was rarely spent with anyone other than the four other members of my immediate family, and we devoted most of the day to convincing my mom she wasn't cooking for a party of 20.

Then, as I entered college and eventually joined the workforce, things changed.

My nomadic nature made me often share Thanksgiving with makeshift families -- everyone from co-workers to Grateful Dead-loving neighbors who offered me my first taste of collard greens.

I also learned that the world doesn't stop just because the calendar says it's a holiday.

I celebrated many Thanksgivings beside a newsroom computer, not to mention the one Thanksgiving I spent mourning a MySpace breakup.

But despite the chaotic schedules and my growing geographic distance from my biological family, I've always been able to find some place to call home on the holiday.

And for that, I'll be forever thankful.