Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When your girlfriend loves Twilight

It's irrational to be jealous of a fictional character, much less one who values sucking your wife's blood over taking her to dinner.


Details has an interesting article about how men are affected by the adult female obsession with the "Twilight" vampire saga.

The piece is dominated by a belief that romance in our country has become too safe, too predictable -- and that's why so many 20- and 30-something women worship vampire Edward Cullen.

But does that obsession have any effect on the real men in their lives? Maybe.

In the article, one 37-year-old guy whose wife worships "Twilight" says the series' focus on seduction has made him wonder if he should up his game. He says:

"It makes you think: Why can't I ante up and do those kinds of things? Have I slipped a little? Have I gotten a little too comfortable? When was the last time I bought her flowers? Or took her out? When was the last time I was spontaneous?"

Male readers: Has the widespread female obsession with "Twilight" made you change your attitude toward love and romance?

For more on the teen obsession with "Twilight," check out my colleague Katie Holland's excellent blog post here.

(via Jezebel)