Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is technology ruining romance?

One NY Times columnist says yes. Here, David Brooks argues cell phones and text messages have undermined our understanding of romance.

People have been debating this question since I was in college 5 years ago, when boyfriends and girlfriends in adjacent dorm rooms would instant message each other rather than simply walking next door.

Yes, technology has erased some of the formalities that come with relationships, but it's also added a whole new set of romantic milestones.

Consider the following:

*The anticipation, fear and comfort you get upon changing your Facebook status to "in a relationship."

*The thrill of finally convincing your boyfriend to send a text message that says something other than "OK."

*The satisfaction of shocking an ex by posting a really hot picture of you with your new flame.

*The elation you experience upon realizing your boyfriend gave you your own ring tone -- that's not "Crazy Bitch."

So while cell phones have given traditional romance cloudy reception, a relationship's stomach butterflies are far from extinct. And that makes me happy.

Or, um :)