Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Boyfriend' phobia

No, I'm not talking about a fear of having a boyfriend.

Instead, I'm referring to a fear of saying the word "boyfriend."

That's the subject of this week's nightlife column, which describes how may women have imposed a verbal block against the popular relationship label.

When viewed in isolation, the term often generates images of passing notes and holding hands in the park.

Which is great -- if you’re savoring your first fifth-grade crush. The label seems a little out of place if you’re in a relationship that’s endured annoying exes, career drama and 30th birthday parties.

Once you've recognized those concerns, one question remains:

What do you say instead?

YourTango's list of alternatives is only mildly helpful. Does anyone really use the term "manfriend"?

Share your suggestions in the comments section.