Monday, March 28, 2011

Would you use a coupon on a date?

The New York Post asks if the rise of websites like Groupon makes it more acceptable to use a coupon on a first date.

On the plus side, coupons often allow you to try something you normally wouldn't consider. They erase some of dating's decision-making pressure, since you can simply offer this line: "Wanna try a new restaurant? I have a coupon."

Unfortunately, many people still view coupons as a little tacky.

Would I judge a guy who used a coupon on a first date?

It depends on the restaurant and the price. If he's asking for a discount on a meal that costs just $25, that's kind of stingy. Sorry.

However, if the coupon offers a discount on a $100 meal, that's a different story. Same goes for something like a free dessert.

What do you think?