Monday, March 14, 2011

Exes at your wedding?

Sorry, but I'm pretty inflexible in the debate over whether you should invite an ex to your wedding.

My answer? NO.

Go ahead, say that you're "just really good friends." Or that he or she was "just a really big part of your life."

I don't care. Your wedding is supposed to celebrate your current relationship, not pay homage to your past ones.

Apparently, I was never destined to become British royalty.

The New York Times reports Prince William and Kate Middleton have invited exes to their wedding. The invitations are consistent with the British royal family's etiquette rules, the article notes.

Maybe the practice has become more common, regardless of whether or not you're royalty. Consider this excerpt from the article:

Most people have more romantic ghosts in their lives today than ever before. People stay single longer, and fall in and out of love more often. And breakups have become like cellphones — smaller and lighter, less complicated and more familiar. So maybe it’s time to befriend our romantic ghosts, or find them less haunting anyway.

Yeah. Thanks but no thanks.

(via Jezebel)