Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meghan McCain, continued

Maybe I should have asked Meghan McCain about dating after all.

A day after I interviewed McCain, I stumbled upon a discussion about her newest Daily Beast column. The forum? A popular women's website geared largely toward dating and relationships.

The column is about restoring Las Vegas' economic stability. The part that made the aforementioned website, however, is McCain's confession that after a breakup she canceled a speaking engagement to have a girls' weekend in Vegas.

In some readers' minds, the anecdote will likely reinforce a belief that women don't have the emotional fortitude to hold leadership positions.

You can argue McCain's Vegas story hurts women -- maybe it supports a fear that we'll back out of our professional commitments when our romantic lives get complicated.

But there's also the argument that McCain is simply demonstrating a basic humanness that's often absent from the professional sphere. We often walk around like these stoic career robots, intent on avoiding any behaviors that might remotely resemble emotion.

I would never bow out of a major assignment amid a breakup, but that doesn't mean my way is the right way.

Where do you stand?