Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you skeptical of a guy who promises to give $10,000 to whoever introduces him to his future wife?

The question dominates this essay, a profile of a guy who set up a website with that goal.

Ultimately, the writer concludes the guy behind the website is "shockingly kind, sweet and genuine." Nonetheless, she understands why people view the project cynically:

The friend who had introduced me to his site jokingly e-mailed to call dibs on the $10,000 in the case that I hit it off with Chas and ended up marrying him myself. I joked to a co-worker: "I wonder if I get the ten grand if his future wife finds him through my article." What a cynical bunch!

It brings up a good point. I've watched people set up websites expediting a friends' quest to get married. I've heard stories about parents creating websites to find their son/daughter a date.

Are these people social geniuses or desperate fame seekers?