Friday, March 18, 2011

Breach of promise to marry

Did you know you could be sued for a broken engagement?

Jezebel has an interesting post about a woman who filed a lawsuit against her former fiancé in an attempt to gain reimbursement for their canceled wedding. She lists expenses like her gown and catering.

The article made me Google breach of promise to marry laws, which let potential brides and grooms sue a partner who breaks an engagement.

Georgia is among the states that have breach of promise to marry laws, according to this article. (It's a little dated, but I couldn't find a more current resource.)

The aforementioned article outlines a case in which a woman quit her job, moved to a different state and accepted a lower-paying job in the name of a relationship. The relationship led to engagement, then broken engagement.

When the woman sued her ex-fiancé, a jury awarded her $150,000, the article says.