Friday, August 1, 2008

men in shorts

Wow. I feel like I blog about this topic every week. I guess I wouldn't have to, IF sources like the New York Times stopped printing articles like this one suggesting that man shorts are OK.

An excerpt:

It was no more than a moment ago, in the sartorial long view, that a guy who came to work wearing short pants would have been shown the door — or anyway, given the address for human resources at U.P.S. All that appears to be changing.

Consider that an advertising agency in Salt Lake City this summer introduced a no-long-trousers policy. Consider the octogenarian New York lawyer who ditched his seersucker suit for jaunty camouflage shorts on the job. Consider the pack of stylish young men on the streets of Manhattan who find it not only sensible, in thermometer terms, to beat the heat by wearing shorts but also, in style terms, cool.

Shorts as appropriate male work attire? I don't think so. Some of my co-workers -- read: Chris Johnson -- might be happily envisioning a pair of baggy khaki shorts. Unfortunately, that's not what NYT has in mind. See pics here.

OK, I've been critical enough. It's your turn, guys. Which summer apparel item do you think women should eliminate from their wardrobes?