Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday gift guide: The experience

"Honey, we're going backpacking without food in the desert. Merry Christmas!"

Excited? You're probably a fan of the experience gift, the antithesis of everything predictable.

Experience gifts immerse recipients in something they'd probably never do otherwise, from a risque photo session to an extreme sport.

When it comes to gift-giving, here's how the experience gift measures up:

Pros: Opt for this route and you'll get oodles of points for creativity. Plus, there's the satisfaction of getting the recipient something he or she would probably never buy alone.

Cons: Experience gifts risk prioritizing your interests over the recipient's interests. For example, "You're going skydiving!" often means "I got you this gift so I can go skydiving, too."

Of note: If you're reading this from the Columbus area, try the Atlanta Skydiving Center. Another experience gift? Check out Dixie Pin-Up, also in Atlanta. The company offers personal photo shoots to produce authentic pin-up photos.

Also, don't forget about Columbus-area artist, Dewayne Flowers. His work includes body art and photography sessions.