Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday gift guide: Gadgets

Ah, the thrill of unwrapping a gift and knowing exactly where it'll fit in your kitchen. Or living room. Or bedroom.

That's part of a gadget gift's appeal.

It's a longtime staple on the holiday scene, a way for adults to re-create the excitement that used to accompany toys on Christmas morning.

But can you go wrong with a gadget? Sure.

When it comes to gift-giving, here's how gadgets measure up:

Pros: Gadgets are gifts that serve a definite purpose, one that often makes the recipient's life easier. And that way, he or she has more time to spend with you.

Cons: An ill-researched gadget gift is a failed gadget gift. It's pretty awkward to buy your boyfriend a seemingly perfect wine refrigerator -- and then realize it has an awful humming noise that keeps you both up at night.

Of note: Right now I'm a little obsessed with this single-serve coffee maker. That's a hint, Mom.