Friday, December 11, 2009

Sex and the City 2

If nothing else, the holiday focus on gift-giving will help me fine-tune my ability to feign excitement.

And I'll need that skill while listening to my girlfriends squeal about "Sex and the City 2" in upcoming months.

I'm still not looking forward to the movie.

The recently released promo poster, featured above, didn't change my opinion.

I was ambivalent about the first "SATC" movie. Then I buckled down and saw it in the theater, where I surprisingly laughed and cried. I loved the movie so much that I even bought the DVD.

When I watch it, I still come away thinking, "Wow. They actually did a really good job with that."

We might not be as lucky the second time around. The sequel is slated for a May 2010 release, which I think is way too soon for a second resurgence of "SATC" fever. Plus, I worry about the plot. The first movie did well because it seemed to tie everything up so nicely. I don't know where else the characters can go.

If the plot spoilers are right, I'm not happy.

What about you?

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