Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday guift guide: Novelty items

No, I'm not talking about those novelty items.

I'm referring to the unique couples who experience unrivaled bliss upon unwrapping a ShamWow.

They're not exactly the most romantic items, but "as seen on TV" gifts serve a purpose in relationships. They can mark a shared quirkiness that makes outsiders always feel like they're watching an inside joke.

Or, they can lead to confusion and perhaps the most dreaded recipient response of all: "Is this all?"

When it comes to gift-giving, here's how novelty items measure up:

Pros: Novelty gifts can reflect a sense of humor, which many people say is the most desired quality in a relationship.

Cons: One person's humor is another person's "huh?" Tread lightly unless you know your laugh factors are in sync. And if you're in a serious relationship, Christmas might not be the best time to jokingly buy that Alf shirt for your girlfriend -- who's been inundated with diamond commercials for the past month.

Of note: Bored? Peruse AsSeenOnTV.com, where you can see staples like the Snuggie and the BeDazzler.