Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Technology and adultery

Years ago, I imagined that if I ever ended up in a relationship marred by an affair, I'd at least be dramatic while conducting my investigation.

I'd buy a wig, giant sunglasses -- maybe even a trench coat -- and then slyly follow my man around town for a couple days.

It would conclude with an emotional hotel room scenario where I'd bust in on a scandalous love scene and deliver a marriage-ending monologue about how my sleuthing had confirmed my darkest suspicions.

Then, I was introduced to the world of Facebook and text messages -- our generation's version of the wig and sunglasses.

Here, the Washington Post asserts technology makes it easier to catch adulterers. The article asks this question:

In an age of iPhones, TMZ and standard-issue personal GPS devices, is technology killing the affair?

To some extent, I'd rather have it the way it is now. I'd rather discover infidelity by quickly perusing my boyfriend's phone than be tormented by suspicions -- or lied to -- for months.