Monday, September 28, 2009

Finances postpone marriage

I love you, but we can't get married until my credit card debt is gone.


I read/stalk a lot of dating blogs, and it seems like a lot of young women are glum because the rotten economy has made them postpone marriage.

One of my favorite blogs, This Fish Needs a Bicycle, sums up the feeling nicely:

Compared to my former, irresponsible life this new practical one is hard on the spirit. Even those big, romantic, swoony Let's Get Married! talks have all turned into, "one day when we're out of debt and out of school and blah blah" and I can't help but feel a little bit disappointed all the time.

These posts kind of surprise me because -- aside from the expenses of a wedding ceremony -- I always thought you save money by being married.

Tons of people complain about delaying marriage so they can fend off debt.

But amid a recession, I've seen just as many couples get hitched on a whim. Many say their love has actually grown in the face of financial uncertainty.

Tell me: To what extent did your personal finances impact your time frame for tying the knot?