Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

You leave the wedding under a spell.

It's not caused by eating bland reception dinner chicken, or dancing to mid-'90s throwback tunes.

Nonetheless, you are disoriented. Your symptoms are clear.

They include calling your most recent ex, tearfully putting your differences aside and mumbling incoherently about the power of true love.

That's what happens when you witness marital bliss.

Even celebrities suffer from post-wedding stress syndrome.

Just ask Kim Kardashian. She reportedly got back together with ex Reggie Bush after seeing her sister Khloe tie the knot over the weekend.

It's an understandable condition.

When you're single, going to a wedding often brings a new sense of urgency to your own relationship status.

Hearing your formerly unattached comrade say "I do" might refresh your fears of being the only single person left -- IN THE WORLD.

What's more, the bright smiles and flowery adjectives that accompany weddings can simplify the real work that goes into a partnership.

So you enter a hazy mindset, convinced that you WILL make your failed relationship work. Because you want to dance the Macarena in a ball gown, dammit.

Fortunately, post-wedding stress syndrome often subsides once you leave the reception hall's color-coordinated bubble.

And if still can't shake your symptoms, pick up a gossip magazine -- a reminder that marriage is best defined as a two-week ordeal.