Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Permission to cut freely

You savor the new carefree nature of the hair atop your head.

The pixie cut -- very Michelle Williams, in fact -- means no more detanglers, no more intensive conditioners, no more $100 monthly hairspray budget.

You're on top of the world -- until you realize you'll soon have to ask the dreaded question:

"What do you think?"

Insert uncomfortable silence here.

Do you ask your significant other's opinion before getting a dramatic haircut?

The question seems silly, and it brings to mind all sorts of cautionary tales about submissiveness.

Still, with articles suggesting short hair reduces sex drive in women, personal grooming is frequently prefaced with a request for permission.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. It's always nice to get a second opinion, right?

Tell me what you think.

(This post was inspired by an item on Double X's list of 40 reasons why single life is great. Read it, and then proudly yell, "I am single...hear me roar!")