Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Relationship trend: Blogging together

The couple that blogs together...stays together?

I'm not convinced.

But tons of twosomes tackle the cyber world together -- and some even say it strengthens their relationship.

The concept crossed my mind when I recently spotted a link to My Married Life, a blog penned by lifestyle writer Holly and her "better half" Jack.

They share blogging duties, individually writing posts that cover topics ranging from household chores to male fashion.

I've seen a good share of newlyweds embark on a "we" blog project.

Unfortunately, the endeavor frequently results in the female half of the relationship writing the entire blog. Or penning entries under her husband's name. (Dead giveaway: A headline that reads "I have the best wife ever!")

Something else that annoys me in the couples blogging universe?

When people set up their posts with a byline that includes both of their names. You know, like "by Sarah and Matt."

That is also a giveaway that the woman wrote the entire thing.

But maybe I'm being too cynical.

Weigh in with your stories about couples blogging.