Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Big Bang Theory

Oh my gosh. We live together.

It's a statement that's not supposed to be said with surprise.

I mean, couples make a logical, thoroughly analyzed decision to live together. They discuss the pros and cons. Then, assuming cohabitation is a "go," they help each other move into a shared living space.


Not always.

Monday's rerun of "The Big Bang Theory" focused on what happens when a partner moves in with you -- without your consent.

It doesn't require a lease signed behind your back, or even a 24-7 stay.

Instead, the realization comes through smaller traces of evidence -- say, a designated bathroom drawer that suddenly expands into a full shelf of beauty products.

Or a foot of closet space that eventually grows to include garments for every occasion.

Awareness of the non-consensual move-in almost always leads to relationship awkwardness.

The guilty party often interprets "you're invading my space" as "I need space" and thus, a breakup ensues.

Has anyone out there experienced an accidental move-in?