Friday, October 9, 2009

Bret Michaels cancels

You let me down again, Bret Michaels.

It was bad enough we couldn't arrange an interview prior to your Thursday show at H2O.

I thought we'd make up during your concert. I showed up to the Columbus hot spot in my booty shorts...and then learned you wouldn't be performing.

It was strange, since your tour buses were at H2O Thursday afternoon.

As partiers realized you wouldn't be performing, a variety of rumors circulated throughout the club.

But now, it looks like the official explanation is illness.

That's courtesy of Rock 103's Web site, which posted the cancellation notice Thursday night. Here's an excerpt from the radio station's account of what happened:

Bret was not feeling well, but helped his road crew set up and load equipment and then went back to the bus till sound check.

About 4pm when everything was wired and the stage was set, the band began testing sound and Bret realized at that moment that he could not sing... he had the flu.

Bret is extremely supportive of the military and Ft Benning and did not want to let anyone down, but simply could not sing or perform.

The site also notes that the Bret Michaels show is rescheduled for spring, but it does not give an exact date.

Meanwhile, a band that appeared to be opening act The Fifth played a full night's show Thursday at H2O and kept a pretty sizable crowd.

I've discussed the Bret Michaels situation informally with some people, and not everyone's buying the illness explanation.

Some skeptics suggest attitude was more of a problem than illness, and wonder if Bret even stepped outside the tour bus. Some harsher skeptics say he wasn't even in the bus.

Weigh in: Will Bret Michaels be back to H2O?