Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Office wedding episode

Across the Chattahoochee Valley, plenty of people are staring at their computers with blank stares, counting down the hours until going-home time.

Why? Well, many of us are intent on hitting the stripper pole at H2O tonight and showing Bret Michaels we can rock his world.

That's not the only cause for excitement.

TV fans are buzzing about tonight's episode of "The Office," when Jim and Pam will finally tie the knot.

Many longtime "Office" addicts regard the episode with just as much anticipation as a real wedding -- with added advantage that you're able to watch the nuptials in your underwear.

But hold on.

Maybe tonight's show is all smiles, but some people say a wedding is a death sentence for TV characters.

Here, one critic explains why he RSPV'd "no thanks" to Jim and Pam's wedding:

What's left for them to do? They'll have their kid and be parents, maybe one will cheat on the other or they'll get divorced and then back together again, but their story arc doesn't have many possibilities now that they're together (hear that, Sex and the City sequel?).

I agree.

I think that's why "Desperate Housewives" has had a hard time maintaining its steam, and why "Grey's Anatomy" producers are so reluctant to have Meredith and McDreamy formally tie the knot.

Weigh in: Are TV wedding episodes worth the hype?