Thursday, October 8, 2009

Schoolgirl uniforms

Twelve years of Catholic school, and I still have the uniform.

Don't worry: I'm not hitting on you. I just wanted to repeat a pickup line I first heard in college. It's stuck with me ever since.

But in case you're interested, I did spend 8 years in private school and I do still have the uniform.

Only the hem is a little cluttered with Sharpie-written study notes. And the skirt resurrects all sorts of nightmares involving nuns and rulers.

Not exactly sexy.

It's amazing how uniforms take on a different significance to those who actually wore them.

You know, the people familiar with how most private schools require you to pair pleated skirts with polo shirts...not just a lace bra.

Here, Elle magazine offers a photo gallery of some of the best schoolgirl looks from pop culture.

And if this post inspired you to go for the schoolgirl look for Slut-o-ween, you can check out a collection of costumes here.