Thursday, October 29, 2009


Your boyfriend is silent, greeting you with the pouty frown that accompanies a fantasy football loss.

You'll surely smooth things over by calling his angry mood a "mantrum."

Yeah, I went there.

Here, a Glamour blogger marvels at the term "mantrum," recently used to describe Jon Gosselin's behavior. The consensus: The word is kind of silly.

Seriously, what part of throwing a tantrum is distinctly male?

Well, I guess I could point to seething hatred after a game of put-put...road rage when you blatantly refuse to ask for directions...inexplicable anger over a seemingly fixable computer problem.

Then again, I have my own tantrum quirks -- spontaneous tears included -- and I don't get a gender-specific label.

Unless, of course, you count "PMS."

Terms like "mantrum" only add gender divisions to relationships that already exist on a Mars vs. Venus plane.

So go ahead, guys: Kick, scream and pout.

I won't add insult to injury by defining your universally human behavior with a cutesy term.

Even if you're wearing meggings.