Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween haters

Feelings about Halloween are generally characterized as either "strongly like" or "strongly dislike." This post is dedicated to the latter.

I'm on your side, Halloween haters.

I don't despise the holiday enough to forgo a costume, but I'm hardly its biggest fan.

Ambivalence toward Halloween begins in childhood, when you're repeatedly forced to suffer the blow of losing costume competitions.

Unless, of course, you're lucky enough to be related to the contest's organizer -- a title that lets you wear a generic witch costume each year and still leave with the top prize.

Then, when you get older, you have to deal with Halloween enthusiasts' excitement in the weeks approaching the holiday.

You try to smile politely as they ask their favorite question -- "Have you chosen a costume yet?" -- as if they're inquiring about something as serious as national health care reform.

My Halloween angst makes me wonder how I'll handle the holiday once I have kids.

Here, Double X asks if moms hate Halloween. My favorite reader response: "Do you have to be a mom? ’Cause I just hate it."

This weekend, be kind to the Halloween haters. They're not bad people.

And after one too many stale Jujubees, you could easily be on their side.