Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Troop Beverly Hills

I still want to be a Wilderness Girl.

"Troop Beverly Hills" was my first encounter with a popular culture obsession. I watched half the film at a friend's house, and begged my parents to let me watch the rest.

However, they hesitated after learning it had a "PG" rating. Ultimately, we compromised: I could watch it, but they had to preview the movie first.

Never in my life had I experienced so much anticipation.

Would Phyllis Nefler mend her materialistic ways and lead her Wildnerness Girls to victory?

Would the evil Red Feathers finally learn their lesson?

Would the movie inspire nations to hold hands, dance "The Freddie" and embrace world piece?

The answers to those questions were yes, yes and yes.

Hands down, "Troop Beverly Hills" is the greatest cinematic masterpiece ever created.

Which is why I'm totally psyched about the growing popularity of "Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience," a sing-along, dance-along, quote-along version of the movie.

If this ever comes to Atlanta -- fingers crossed -- I'm totally there.

Beverly Hills, what a thrill!

(via Lemondrop)