Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy birthday! Not.

The birthday haters are winning.

At least that's the conclusion of this essay, which suggests the recession is curbing our obsession with "birthday mania." An excerpt:

Birthday haters appear to be winning hearts and minds because America is poorer, more secular, and more tired than it used to be.

Am I disappointed? No way.

Once I hit my 20s, I noticed a growing trend of friends expecting multi-day celebrations.

We'd indulge in a fancy dinner, and part ways with this unexpected goodbye: "Hope you guys can come to my real party tomorrow."


In the absence of structured classroom parties with cupcakes and cheesy hats, the 20-something bday celebration has potential to transform into a multi-day beast. One who preys on the wallets and patience of its closest comrades.

Frankly, it's something I can do without.

So thanks, recession.

You've made great strides in underscoring what a birthday should really be: just one day.